Timothy Brownie mixes dance beats with Fania Records’ samples in DANCESTRAL

From Mexico City, the band Timothy Brownie focuses on two primary elements to create their music: dance beats and Fania Records’ samples. For this band, discovering Fania Records was like uncovering an old box containing Latin music from the golden era. Thanks to this influence, the band has opened a universe of musical possibilities. Today, Craft Latino, the Latin division of Craft Recordings, presents the newest album by Timothy Brownie entitled Dancestral

Combining songs in both English and Spanish, Dancestral is a fusion of dance music with ancestral sounds. While it’s not the Salsa we’re used to on the dance floor, I think you’d find the following songs particularly interesting:

“Mi Coro” (“My Chorus”) and “Dancestral” mix dance and funk beats with Latin rhythms, featuring samples of the voice of Celia Cruz.

The songs “Sometimes” and “Cha Cha Cha” have tropical rhythms intermingled with psychedelic sounds.

One of my favorites,“Rey Tumba” (“King Tumba”), features a ritualistic rhythm and the voice of the Spanish singer Vinila Von Bismark. 

It’s not partner dancing, but it’ll make you move and it’s great listening. DANCESTRAL was released today and it’s now available on most digital platforms.

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