ZIGZAG – GUACO’s new Salsa with a bit of Urban

One of my favorite bands from Venezuela, GUACO has over the decades delivered wonderful Salsa for our dance floors. Today, the band released its latest – ZIGZAG – which offers GUACO’s already expected flavor with an added hint of Urban.

At the same time, GUACO is introducing a new and young singer, Diego Rojas, who provided the vocals for ZIGZAG and participated in its composition along with Dani Baron, Glaze, Omar Koonze, and Gustavo Aguado, all under the direction of Juan Carlos Salas.

ZIGZAG talks about a “love” relationship based on interest rather than feelings. According to Rojas, the idea started as a joke and ended up as a fun and catchy musical proposition. Due to the pandemic, it was recorded from each of the musicians’ homes. The video (which was released earlier today) includes the choreography of dancers Jhonathan and Humberto Gomez.

This is the first time that GUACO has released a song directly to the web, now under CAE GROUP’s management. They hope this will keep them connected to their fans even as we practice social distancing, and that it will boost anticipation for their upcoming 50th album.


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