New content from LACMA’s Meet the Musicians – Christian Moraga, Chino Espinoza, Louie Cruz Beltran

Time also flies when you’re not having any fun, so quite a bit of content has been added to LACMA’s Meet the Musician series since the last time I posted about it.

Below you’ll find links to Mitch Glickman’s conversations with Christian Moraga, leader of the Salsa group Conganas, as well as Chino Espinoza, leader of Chino Espinoza y los Dueños del Son, and Louie Cruz Beltran, of the Louie Cruz Beltran Latin Jazz Band.

These are interesting exchanges about how these bands came to be, enhanced by plenty of their original music. Not to say that the conversations are as satisfying as attending a summer concert on the LACMA grounds but, for now, they will have to do. Plus you may discover things about these band leaders and their bands that you never knew before.





Aside from these, there are a few other episodes to enjoy by following this link.



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