Cumbia – Beto Cuevas and Los Socios del Ritmo’s ‘Cumbia del Encierro’

“Cumbia del Encierro,” which translates into “Cumbia of the Lockdown,” was written by an 88-year-old Chilean grandma who claims to have woken up one day with the song in her head and decided to write it down from beginning to end. The song ended up in Chilean rocker Beto Cuevas’ hands, who fell in love with it. 

Cuevas first created a version with the Argentinian group Los Autenticos Decadentes. This one is a second version, this time arranged and performed by the Mexican group Los Socios del Ritmo.

The lyrics speak truths to those staying home on account of COVID 19. It isn’t hard to identify with its sentiments.

“No quiero estar triste, me quiero alegrar, haciendo las cosas que me gustan mas.”

“I don’t want to be sad, I want to feel good, doing the things I like to do most.”

Both versions of this song are available now on all streaming platforms.


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