A tribute to Cano Estremera on the sad day of his passing

Cano Estremera in 2015

How sad today has become with the news of Cano Estremera’s passing! 

No, I wasn’t his close friend. I only greeted him quickly once or twice when he visited Los Angeles, and I interviewed him once on the phone. But boy! Am I ever a fan of his… A fan of his soneos, a fan of his lovely smile, a fan of that personality that was bigger than his body! 

With his death, our Salsa scene has lost one of the good ones. Thank goodness for videos, photos, and recordings, as they will keep at least a bit of him for our Viernes Sociales.

In his memory, I’m posting below a few of my favorite moments “with” him. Descansa en paz Canito. You’ll surely be missed! 

Cano was 62 years old. He passed away in Puerto Rico.


Cano in Anaheim in 2007 – “La Boda de Ella”

Cano in Anaheim in 2007 – “Viernes Social”

Cano in Los Angeles in 2009

Cano in Bell Gardens in 2015 – “Buen Corazon”

Cano in Bell Gardens in 2015 – “Soy Boricua”




One comment

  1. This music like his personality must live as a cultural foundation of music and representation of excellent music for the World and Puerto Rico.


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