Cubaneros plays some ‘funky music’ in A MI MANERA

If I write “Play That Funky Music” and your brain turns on  the 1976 Wild Cherry song in your head, then I suspect you’re going to enjoy “Baila Salsa Music,” which is part of Cubaneros’ new album – A MI MANERA. “Baila Salsa Music” is an arrangement by Panos Panagopoulos for this Salsa band from Patras, Greece. 

Panagopoulos created the band in 2015 along with Cuban vocalists Anisa Vega Castillo and Indhira Benavides Xiques. Their new album includes seven songs – two covers and five originals. I would expect particularly Timba dancers to enjoy dancing to some of these tracks. 

This band likes to fuse Salsa with Disco, not in every song, but often enough. So for those of you Disco babies, this may be an album that’ll hit home. 

A MI MANERA is available on all digital platforms. Some of the songs have also been added to the VidaSalsera playlist on Spotify, which you can reach from the right margin (or at the bottom) of this page.


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