Tony Succar releases debut album with Raices Jazz Orchestra

Tony Succar, Pablo Gil, and Raices Jazz Orchestra (RJO) released their latest single and video, “Raices Jam,” which is also the first track of their debut album.

The video features César Orozco on piano, NYC-based percussionists Bobby Allende on congas, and Marc Quinones on bongos. “I have been working with Marc in various productions, and I just knew that Bobby and him would bring this track to a whole new level with their seasoned, soulful playing” Succar says. The track ends with a burning Timbal solo by Succar himself.

This song was recently performed by the US army field band’s elite Jazz Ambassadors  group, with Gil and Succar as guest artists, and featuring also RJO’s percussionist Roberto Moreno. “Seeing these awesome musicians perform our arrangement and featuring us as soloists on their Youtube Channel was a dream come true,” says Gil. “It was also an example of where we are planning to go next: we want to play our music, live or online, in universities, colleges and established big bands all over the world.”

The song and/or album can be purchased on by following this link.


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