Merengue – Milly Quezada thanks medical personnel in ‘Gracias a Ti’

Dominican Merenguera Milly Quezada has released a tribute to the doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel who have worked tirelessly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The song is entitled Gracias a ti.

“I was shocked to see a report from the Dominican Republic,” said Quezada in an interview in Spanish, “revealing the working conditions that medical personnel must deal with in our hospitals.” She then decided to pay tribute to these hard workers with a song, which was composed by Quesada’s son, Anthony Vasquez, and produced by Antonio Gonzalez.

All funds gathered by the distribution of this song in the various digital platforms will be donated to the Caminantes Por La Vida foundation, which works to upgrade the quality of life in the Dominican Republic. You can collaborate by listening to the song and sharing it with others, and it’s actually a very nice sentiment to send to your own friends in the medical field.


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