Salsa – Dominican David Kada sings about ‘El Amor De Su Vida’

The next time you hear someone complain that there aren’t any young Salsa performers, send them to see this video of Dominican artist David Kada, cute like a button young singer whose song El Amor de Su Vida is currently #10 on the Billboard list. 

He looks younger than he is, however. Although I can’t find his age anywhere, this article says that he’s married and has already spent a number of years fighting to disengage from managing companies that, as it’s been known to happen, try to squeeze the juice out of artists as much as possible. Yet, here he is, enjoying the satisfaction that one gets only from working hard and following one’s heart.

El Amor de Su Vida is the story of a guy who loves a girl, not realizing how much until it is too late. The song is available in all digital platforms and has been added to the VidaSalsera playlist on Spotify, which you can access from the right margin (or at the bottom) of this page. 


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