A few reasons for Salser@s to watch FATHER OF THE BRIDE (2022)

Do we agree that any movie that opens with Celia Cruz’s “Azucar Negra” must be watched by every Salsa lover out there? Ok, so this will be reason number one. But there are plenty more reasons. This remake of the Steve Martin 1991 film involves two modern Latino families – Cuban and Mexican – rich, for a change, with a bride and groom that are independent, not very religious, and very likely to give the Cuban father a stroke by the time the whole thing is over.

Andy Garcia & Adria Arjona in FATHER OF THE BRIDE
  • Andy Garcia and Gloria Estefan work very well together. They have been friends for ages in real life, so their interaction is really natural. Estefan told The Today Show that her kiss to Garcia was her first outside of her marriage in 47 years. Is this another reason? Voyeuristic much?
  • Their daughter, the bride, is Adria Arjona, the daughter of Ricardo Arjona, the Guatemalan pop singer that makes us cry out loud at concerts. Personally, I had to see her.
  • Osuna plays himself. Some of his music is in the film.

More music. Let’s geek out a bit…

  • “Yo No Se Mañana,” which you know in the voice of Luis Enrique, but that was written by Jorge Luis Piloto and Jorge Villamizar is in the film. 
  • “Atrevete-te-te,” written by Eduardo Cabra and Rene Perez, performed by Calle 13 is also part of the movie.
  • “Naci Orishas,” written by Roldan Gonzalez Rivero, Haram Riveri Medina, Yotuel Omar Romero Manzanares, and Jose Miguel Mathieu, performed by Orishas, is in the movie too.
  • “Quiereme Mucho,” written by Gonzalo Roig and Agustin Rodriguez, performed by Arturo Sandoval, is in as well. Sandoval produced a few other songs in the score.
  • “Como Fue, written by Ernesto Duarte Brito, performed by Beny More, is in.
  • In the list of musicians – recognizable names from our scene aside from those mentioned above are: Carlitos del Puerto, San Miguel Perez, Alberto Salas, Francisco Torres, Luis Conte, Dayren Santamaria, Joseph Rotondi, and many more! 
  • There are a ton of songs. The above just caught my eyes and ears. The music is tremendous.

FATHER OF THE BRIDE is cute and entertaining. Predictable, yes. I think you already know what will happen, right? The bride will get married, of course. But it’s fun, colorful, musically – for sure in our turf. I definitely think you should watch it.

Available on HBO Max. $14.99 will let you watch this movie and whatever else you want for a whole month.


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