New music – CODISCOS releases ‘Romance en Salsa’

A group of Salsa stars have joined forces in the new album entitled “Romance en Salsa,” which was released yesterday, May 15, 2020.

Artists like Rey Ruiz, Charlie Aponte, Willie González, Yan Collazo, Maía, Ismael Miranda, Juan Carlos Coronel, Tony Vega, José Alberto El Canario, and more, participate in this compilation under the executive production of Álvaro Picón.

Producers and arrangers as important as Diego Gale, Tommy Villarini, Sebastián Velásquez, José Aguirre y Orlando Libreros are also part of this work.

“Romance en Salsa” is now available on all digital platforms. It has also been added to the playlist on Spotify, which you can access free by clicking from the right margin of this page. —>

1. Silencio / Charlie Aponte
2. Veinte años/ Rey Ruiz
3. Te extraño / Juan Carlos Coronel
4. Quererte a ti / Willie González
5. Porqué ahora / Yan Collazo
6. Tenía que ser así / José Alberto El Canario
7. No renunciaré/ Miss Yaya & Marlon Fernández
8. Sin un amor/ Luisito Carrión
9. Mucho Corazón / Mauro Castillo
10. El Me Mintió / Maia
11. Perdón / Tony Vega
12. Amor Gitano / Checo Acosta
13. Locura, locura / Ismael Miranda
14. La Puerta / Juan Carlos Coronel


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