Welcome to VidaSalsera.com 3.0

May 10, 2020 Hello Salseros y Salseras! You’re not crazy, something is really different. A new version usually means an upgrade, but this time it’s actually a downgrade – a nice looking one if I say so myself, but a downgrade nonetheless. It is meant to cut costs during the COVID crisis, as I’ll explain  below. VidaSalsera.com had evolved into a big website, holding lots of current and archived content, including photos, videos, links, etc. While it didn’t bring in much profit, the website’s costs were covered by Google ads (yes, those pop-ups that no one never liked to see and those links that were hardly ever clicked), and by the contributions of promoters who wanted to get their events sent to you on email blasts. Well, with no Salsa events, there has been little to no traffic on the website, and obviously, there haven’t been any events for promoters to promote. So, after taking two months of losses, I concluded that my “bleeding” had to stop, until the scene picks up again. So here we are. This is a much humbler home meant to keep VidaSalsera.com’s name alive until things go back to “normal,” whatever that may mean. I will do my best to keep it interesting with what I find on the Salsa front. And I thank you ahead of time for continuing to visit. Sincerely, Dena Burroughs, for VidaSalsera.com