You have been sent a musical hug in ‘Union DC’

“Union DC” is a new song by Eduardo Padua and Dominique Patrick Noel, musicians in Washington DC, intended as a musical hug to both Salsa dancers and musicians. It’s great music that should work very well on the dance floor, plus, according to the press release, it was created to encourage unity and collaboration between the Salsa musicians in the DMV area (District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia).

“We musicians are a brotherhood,” said Noel in the release, “and a family. We must build solidarity and work together rather than against each other because our mission is the same: entertain the masses with our talent and love for music.” 

Although the lyrics aren’t overly preachy, they do emphasize their original purpose with the phrase:

Esto no es “quítate tú,” esto es colaboración.

This is not “move out of the way,” this is collaboration.

“Union DC” can be found on most streaming platforms. It can also be downloaded HERE.

Additionally, the song has been added to the playlist on Spotify, which you can find on the right border, or at the bottom, of this page. 





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