A moment of silence…

We take a moment to acknowledge the names of the dancers that were lost at Star Ballroom, in Monterey Park, CA, on the Lunar New Year. This tragedy feels personal to dance communities everywhere, but particularly to Los Angeles dancers, who often dance at or near the studio where this crime took place.

The dance floor is, for many of us, a place of comfort, of acceptance, and of happiness. Seeing it affected by the anger of one person is heart-breaking. We send condolences to the families and the friends who are now left grieving loved ones.

We also acknowledge the lives lost just hours later in Half Moon Bay, CA. While the full list of names has not yet been released, we know that their souls are significant and that people are now suffering their loss.

There are hardly proper words to express the disappointment that comes from seeing so many, so often, fall to gun violence. The feeling of helplessness is hard to shake. Still, we must remember that there are more good people in the world than bad, and that we must strive to keep in their company so as to give one another moments of bliss and, in cases like these, of solace.

If you want to be of practical help, here’s also information as to where you can donate money in support of the families affected.

May the dance floor continue to be a place for us to love one another.



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