Fontana presents his Urbana-Ranchera ‘Borrachos’

Is there anything better than a fresh sound? For sure this is what you’ll find in Fontana’s new song “Borrachos,” a fusion of Mexican Ranchera with… do I hear Vallenato?… and Reggaeton. Fontana is a Colombian artist who defines himself as Urbano-Ranchero, and I’d say that’s a good description for the beat in this new song.

“Borrachos” is about that “best friend” that is always on the phone with your significant other. Or maybe it’s you the one that’s always on the phone with that “mejor amig@” with whom you have the weirdest of relationships. And as you know, under the claim of “estábamos borrachos,” anything can happen.

No puedes tomarte un trago

Porque te olvidas todo lo que le has jurado


You can’t even have a drink

Because you forget everything you’ve promised him


It’s a good, catchy song. Maybe not the kind that Salseros will take to the dance floor, but definitely one to have you dancing around the house. Check it out…



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