‘BACHATA CON AROMA DE MUJER, VOL 1’ is a powerhouse of female voices

Milly Quezada, Miriam Cruz, Judy Santos, Pirou Pérez, Sabrina Estepan, Techy Fatule, Clara, Lady Laura La Morena del Swing, Yammy, and Rose Mateo are the Dominican female performers in the new album “Bachata con aroma de mujer, Vol. 1” (Bachata with scent of woman, Vol. 1), which honors both the music genre and the female voices that interpret it. 

The album joins well-known artists with up-and-coming performers and presents both classic and original tracks. The songs that make up the release are: “Quiero” (Milly Quezada), “Yo te quiero” (Judy Santos), “Veneno” (Clara), “Pude” (Lady Laura La Morena Del Swing), “Las pequeñas cosas” (Miriam Cruz), “Pena” (Pirou), “No ha pasado nada” (Sabrina Estepan), “Mi talón de Aquiles” (Rose Mateo), “Fuiste un error” (Yammy), and “Tu me quieres más” (Techy Fatule).

It’s no competition, but I do have a favorite – Sabrina Estepan’s “No ha pasado nada” mixes a bit of jazz into her bachata resulting in an interesting, fresh sound. It’s one of those that make you move without you even knowing it.

The album is now on most streaming platforms and a few of the songs have been added to the VidaSalsera.com playlist on Spotify, which you can access from the right margin or at the bottom of this page.



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