Listen to the music of an imaginary Salsa band – Meridian Brothers’ EL GRUPO RENACIMIENTO

Now you can listen to the music of a Salsa band that doesn’t exist… El Grupo Renacimiento. 

Confused? Stay with me for a few minutes and I’ll explain.

Meridian Brothers is a group that began playing in 1998, the brainchild of Colombian guitarist and composer Eblis Alvarez. The five-piece band focuses on re-interpreting all sorts of Latin tropical styles. Their latest release is called EL GRUPO RENACIMIENTO, which is supposed to be the name of a Salsa band – one that Alvarez made up entirely and for which he created a full story.

Once upon a time, in the 1970s specifically, there was a Salsa band that found inspiration in old Italian ballads, the music of Cuba and Puerto Rico, and the music of Los Hermanos Lebron. They couldn’t handle their newfound fame, though, and fell into drug addiction. But then, they found religion, began to play again, and this is their grand comeback… or so goes the story.

Meridian Brothers have been recently promoting this project with articles and interviews now posted on NPR, NYTimes, and TheGuardian, for example.

EL GRUPO RENACIMIENTO is also available on all streaming music platforms. Some of the songs have now been added to the playlist on Spotify, which you can access from the right margin, or at the bottom, of this page.


Top photo: From left: César Quevedo, Alejandro Forero, Eblis Álvarez, Maria Valencia and Mauricio Ramirez, the live Meridian Brothers band. / Credit: Juan Jose Ortiz Arenas for The New York Times


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