R.I.P. Peruvian Salsa pianist Octavio Figueroa

It was announced on Facebook, by his family, that Peruvian salsa band director and pianist Octavio Figueroa passed away earlier today, July 17, 2022.

Octavio should be remembered as a kind person, always humble, always welcoming. In my life, Octavio is special because he was the first musician ever to agree to be interviewed by me. Before VidaSalsera.com was even a thought, I contributed to LatinoLA.com, and it was for that online magazine that I wrote an article about Octavio Figueroa y La Combinación and about one of its performances in Los Angeles. I will forever remember him as a warm person, always appreciative, always approachable.

He left a legacy. He created wonderful memories. He did his part in our world.

Que descanse en paz Octavio Figueroa. My condolences to his family.


These photos were taken in April of 2014 at Les Noces du Figaro in DTLA. 

salsa dancing los angeles


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