Frankie Negrón apologizes for Orlando temper tantrum

It’s not every day that I get to feel like a Salsa tabloid, so forgive me if I have fun with it for a minute.

This morning I received a press release that included Frankie Negrón’s apology for cursing at someone during his performance at the Festival de la Salsa that was celebrated in Orlando, Florida, the weekend of March 19th, 2022. 

According to the release, someone in the audience was playing music during Negrón’s performance at a rather high volume. The singer asked the person to lower it, but he or she didn’t. Negrón lost his cool and began to curse in English and to make offensive gestures. Audience members and press were reportedly surprised at the display, with some wondering whether Negrón had too much to drink before stepping on stage. The artist has said that this wasn’t the case.

“I apologize from my heart,” was Negrón’s message through Stars World Production. The PR company wants us to remember that never in his many years in the public eye has the artist been in a similar situation before. He reportedly surprised himself, humbly accepting that as a human he is bound to make mistakes, and now asks from his fans a chance to repair his reputation. 

It’s impossible to read something like that and not want to see what the whole thing was originally about and, of course, in this social media world that we live in, it took me just a minute. Here’s a video of the incident posted on Twitter by El Molu @molunskein . Be aware that there’s a bunch of “F” words in it, so… listen at your own risk…


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