Son de Ébano Orquesta presents ‘El Negro Carabalí’

“El Negro Carabalí” is the latest song by Colombian salsa band Son de Ébano Orquesta. The song tells the story of a popular man who is known in his neighborhood as “El Negro Carabalí.” He’s the star of every party with his dance steps and his grand abilities on the tres cubano, that wonderful instrument original to the Eastern rural zones in Cuba. 

The song was composed and arranged by Ever Zapata, with additional arrangements by Edward Viveros. Tres player Jorge Huertas (a.k.a. El Chavo) and violin master Sergio Adrian Valencia also participate in the production. 

“El Negro Carabalí” is the first cut out of the fourth album by this orquesta. ESENCIA MUSICAL, the title of the upcoming album, will be released soon.

The song has been added to the playlist on Spotify, which you can access by clicking on the right margin, or at the bottom, of this page. You can also find it on most streaming platforms.



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