Check out Tony Succar’s special ‘MAS DE MI’

Have you heard of Tony Succar? What about his work, such as the 2016 album entitled UNITY: THE LATIN TRIBUTE TO MICHAEL JACKSON or his 2019 album MAS DE MI?

If you have, then you’ll want to see his 90-minute special MAS DE MI, which you can download now from If you haven’t heard of him, this is your chance to learn about this Peruvian-American artist (and I learned today of Costa Rican descent!) that is a young force in the Salsa genre. And if you’re one of those of the opinion that there are no innovative young Salsa artists, I especially want you interested in this!

The MAS DE MI special is based on Tony Succar’s emotional musical adventure, starting with his roots, his family, all the way to receiving one of the biggest awards that a musician can receive.

Support this artist by purchasing the $10 access to the screening!


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