Willy Garcia and Gilberto Santa Rosa fuse styles in ‘Lo Veo y No Lo Creo’

“Lo Veo y No Lo Creo” (I see it but don’t believe it) is a song with lyrics written by Willy Garcia (whom you might have first known as a Grupo Niche singer), who performs it in collaboration with el caballero de la Salsa – Gilberto Santa Rosa. 

Their respective Colombian and Puerto Rican styles blend nicely in this song that speaks about a man who is finally feeling better after a heartbreak. 

Ya se acabo la vaina de andarte pensando…

Roughly translated, the sentiment is:

I’m finally getting over constantly thinking about you…

It’s a catchy song with perfect rhythm. After all, it includes the craft of respected arranger and musician Isidro Infante.

“Lo Veo y No Lo Creo” is available on all digital platforms. It has also been added to the VidaSalsera.com playlist on Spotify, which you can access from the right margin, or at the bottom, of this page.


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