El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico delivers music EN CUARENTENA

“La Institución de la Salsa” – El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico – just released its first album in five years, entitled EN CUARENTENA. 

“We are El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico,” said the group’s director Rafael Ithier in a press release, “with the same groove of our 59 years of uninterrupted trajectory. This new album sees us coming out of a pandemic to bring happiness to the dancer, the fan.”

EN CUARENTENA presents nine songs that maintain the sound and energy that we’ve grown to expect from this universidad de la Salsa. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but if you make me choose, I’ll go with “Ella Lo Que Quiere es Combo,” “El Combo del Mundo,” and “Primera Vista.” The entire thing is top notch, though, and something tells me we’ll be dancing to it for years to come.

EN CUARENTENA is now on all digital platforms. It has also been added to the VidaSalsera.com playlist on Spotify, which you can access from the right margin, or at the bottom, of this page. 

Ella no quiere ni jazz ni rock n’roll

Ella no quiere bachata ni reggaeton

Porque ella quiere bailar el rico son

El son del Gran Combo y su sabor

— “Ella Lo Que Quiere es Combo” – EN CUARENTENA

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