Orchestra Fuego presents BAILA MI SALSA

Orchestra Fuego recently released its new album – BAILA MI SALSA – which contains 14 Salsa songs meant to make you dance!

Based in Tampa Bay, Florida, the band is composed by 12 musicians and singers: Marcus Hernandez (piano/ Musical Director), Miguel “Con Dulzura” Guerrero (principal vocals), Veronica “La Vero” Romero (percussion/singer), Victor Romero (piano/Director), Benny Rios (singer), Juan Santana (trumpet), Victor Ocasio (trumpet), Rafael Rivera (trombone/maracas), Jose Castro Marchan (baritone), Juan Daniel Ortiz (percussion), Manuel Ramos (congas), and Pucho Matos (bass).

Aside from the regular band members, BAILA MI SALSA boasts the collaboration of Cuban American singer Lucy Grau, Puerto Rican performer Nino Segarra, and the vocals of Nuyorican Osvaldo Roman. 

I’m sharing audios below for my three favorite songs out of BAILA MI SALSA – “Al Mal Tiempo Buena Salsa” (feat. Lucy Grau), “Como Decirle a La Noche,” and “Si No Se Enamora” (feat. Osvaldo Roman). This last one seems to have been first released in 2019.

The album is now on all digital platforms. Most of it has been added to the VidaSalsera.com playlist on Spotify, which you can access from the right margin, or at the bottom, of this page.


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