Legendary Mexican jazz artist Tino Contreras to perform from Frida Kahlo’s famous ‘Casa Azul’

Legendary Mexican jazz artist Tino Contreras is set to perform a unique virtual show from a most beautiful space in Mexico City – Frida Kahlo’s home, also known as the Casa Azul (Blue House), which is also home to the official Frida Kahlo Museum. The globally broadcast event will be the first ever music stream from this location, and it will be a celebration of both Contreras’ dynamic contribution to jazz and of his 97th birthday.

Born in Chihuahua in 1924 to a family of musicians, Tino Contreras is a master Mexican jazz drummer who for more than six decades has fused Latin influences with free jazz, psychedelia, avant-garde experimentation, and world sounds. Turning 97 this April 3rd, Contreras continues to play, record, and receive recognition for his contribution to Mexican jazz and beyond. His latest album La Noche de los Dioses was released by the Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood record label in October of 2020.

Tino Contreras at the Frida Kahlo Museum will show at 8 pm all over the United States, and at 7 pm in Mexico, on Sunday, April 11. The stream will not be available on demand after this date.

Tickets ($17) are available worldwide from Dice.fm HERE. Enjoy a 1-minute trailer of the event below.

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