Marc Anthony and Daddy Yankee together in ‘De Vuelta Pa’ La Vuelta’

What a surprise for Salsa lovers is this new song by Marc Anthony and Daddy Yankee! Needing no introduction, to hear the names of these artists brings to mind Salsa, romance, and rap. But how would they all combine? Turns out – beautifully, creating a modern Salsa song that for sure will be a hit on dance floors, for now at home, and when this pandemic is over, everywhere.

Much ala Marc Anthony, the song starts out slowly, and it is Daddy Yankee’s voice that you’ll hear first. Then it breaks into a Salsa beat that, as you’ll see in the video, is perfect for dancing. This song talks about a girl that left a relationship and now wants back in. But, sings Marc Anthony, she’s out of luck.

Y esta claro que perdiste cuando me perdiste. Y yo perdí cuando te conocí.

It’s clear that you lost when you lost me. And I lost when I met you.

The video was posted Dec. 10 and it already has over six million views.

The song has now been loaded to the playlist on Spotify, which you can access from the right margin (or at the bottom) of this page.

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