Luis Eric y El Tama present ‘El Reggaetón es Fiesta’

For Salseros, whether reggaetón makes a party or not is a matter of opinion. However, based on the poll posted on’s page on Instagram, more people enjoy reggaetón than not. 65% of those who responded said that they do enjoy reggaetón in their playlists, so… amigos, this is for you.

Why is reggaetón a party? According to Luis Eric y El Tama, who recently released the song “El Reggaetón es Fiesta,” a la gente le gusta [people like it] to dance, so much that it has made artists in the genre (like Daddy Yankee, Ozuna, and J Balvin) rich and settled. Additionally, it’s definitely the rhythm that pulls everyone to the dance floor when the party hasn’t started. So, the song goes on to ask: What’s so wrong about reggaetón? 

“El Reggaetón es Fiesta” is a fun and catchy song that is initially surprising coming from Luis Eric Gonzalez, whom Salseros in Los Angeles have grown used to seeing up on stage with any major visiting Cuban/Salsa band. “El Tama,” whose full name is Alberto Tamayo Gonzalez and who you may recognize as the lead singer for the Los Angeles band La Charanga Cubana, also has an extensive performing career that started back in the island. Their motivation for this jump into reggaetón is actually explained in the lyrics, which they co-authored. Luis Eric took care of the arrangement, sounds, beats, and production.

The video posted below was filmed on a rooftop in Koreatown, Los Angeles. Look carefully because some of the dancers may be familiar. They are Carla Morgen, Adela Morales, Luz Arias, and Tatiana Gomes. The principal dancer is Salsa instructor Aileen Rose. The video was directed by Jaime Salazar and produced by Stella Brandan.

“El Reggaeton es Fiesta” is now available on all streaming platforms. It has been added to the list on Spotify, which you can access from the right column, or at the bottom, of this page.


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