UPDATE – Gilberto Santa Rosa’s concert will be on YouTube today

Nov. 29 update – Good morning folks. Here’s one last update about this concert. Gilberto Santa Rosa just posted the following flier on his Facebook page:

In English: The concert will be broadcast starting today Sunday, Nov. 29, at 3 pm PST (7 pm Puerto Rico) on YouTube/GilbertoSanta Rosa and will be available there for several days.

Update 6 pm: I’m giving up. Some people got to watch the show. We never did. Must be a case of overload… Boo hoo. Thumbs down.

He just posted this on Twitter…

“El Caballero de la Salsa” has announced a free concert to kick-off the holidays, sponsored by Rums of Puerto Rico. The event will be presented from Hacienda Campo Rico, in Carolina, PR, with its first broadcast on Nov. 28, 2020 at 4 pm PST, on the artist page – gilbertosantarosa.com. It will later become available on his YouTube page.

“More than ever, this year should be full of good vibes, optimism, and happiness,” wrote Santa Rosa in Spanish. “Our intention is to gift the world with some music and a taste of what Christmas is like in Puerto Rico.” 

You can expect to hear many of the Christmas songs that Santa Rosa has recorded over the years, including those from his album UNA NAVIDAD CON GILBERTO, which received a Latin Grammy in 2009. 

Rums of Puerto Rico has done some of the best transmissions of tropical music since the start of the pandemic, so you can expect to see a great show at definitely the best of prices.

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