Listen to new Salsa and Cuban Music – September 2020

Time also goes by fast when one is not having fun, and the month of September went by in a flash without me having a chance to write about the new music that arrived in my mailbox. So, below you’ll find a compilation of Salsa and Cuban music that I think will make you smile and realize that our wonderful genre isn’t going anywhere. Enjoy!



Raimundo Fernandez is the real name of the Cuban guitarist and singer/songwriter, better known as Ray, who during the day is a chef and apparently cooks to the music in his head. ZERO TOLERANCIA & LIVE FROM HAVANA offers 16 songs, three of them written by Fernandez.

This is a great album with a number of rhythms from Cuba infused with world sounds like reggae and tango. Must listen are the opening cha-cha “El Descalabro” and the perfect-for-the-dance-floor son “El Son De Jose.”


Maelo y Su Klan – RITMO Y SABOR

Released on September 11, 2020, RITMO Y SABOR offers nine Salsa songs performed by Venezuelan born and resident of Spain – Ysmael D’La O, aka Maelo, and Su Klan. With the holidays coming up, I’m thinking that you’d like to add “Felicidades” to your playlists.


Orquesta Lucena – SIN TI

Released in July, 2020, SIN TI is an album of eight songs – six originals and two arrangements. I recommend you listen to “Estas Que Te Vas,” composed by Leni Prieto, and to “Contigo Aprendi,” a great arrangement also by Prieto of Armando Manzanero’s famous song, this time in the voice of El Vacano Boricua.

Orquesta Lucena is from Philadelphia, founded several decades ago by Puerto Rican bass player Hector Lucena.


Juston Suarez & Son All Stars – ROMANTICO DEL SON

Released in June 2020, ROMANTICO DEL SON is a tribute to Cuban Son in ten original songs composed by Cuban born and resident of Germany – Juston Suarez. Listen to “Yo Te Pienso,” in particular to the tres played by Juan de la Cruz Antomarchi Padilla “Coto,” whom you may have heard before as the tres player for the great Polo Montañez. Listen also to “Mi Son del Monte,” which should be a favorite for the dance floor. If you are a fan of Cuba’s traditional sounds, you’ll love this album.



Daniel Peña, featuring Ismael Miranda and Jose Alberto “El Canario” – “Hijo del Cañaveral”

Dominican percussionist and producer Daniel Peña presents “Hijo del Cañaveral” in collaboration with Salsa icons Ismael Miranda and El Canario. The song is an original composition by Diego Giraldo and Nestor Rendon.


EliaCiM – “No Puedo Vivir Sin Tus Besos”

This is the first Salsa single by Dominician singer EliaCim, resident of Miami, written and produced by the artist himself. It has a catchy rhythm that should be popular on the dance floor.


Orchestra Fuego – “Baila Mi Salsa”

Orchestra Fuego, based in Miami, was founded by Marcus Hernandez in the 70s. Recently it released its latest single, “Baila Mi Salsa,” which is to become the title song for an upcoming album.


The New York Band – “Cheap Thrills”

Its new release in 20 years, The New York Band presents “Cheap Thrills,” a Salsa version of SIA’s popular song. With arrangements by Sergio George, the song is performed by Maite Rivera, the newest member of the band, and rapping by Franklin Rivers. 


Some of this music has been added to the playlist on Spotify, which you can access from the right margin, or at the bottom, of this page. Dance away!

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