Dance to four new Bachata songs – September 2020

Here are four new ones for you Bachata lovers. They’ve also been added to the playlist on Spotify, which you can access from the right margin, or at the bottom, of this page. Enjoy!

Rafael and Energia Dominicana – “Mi Bachatica”

Latin music singer, songwriter and producer Rafael Energía Dominicana is from Bani, Dominican Republic, and based in Montreal, Canada. “Mi bachatica” was produced in the island by Edward Segura, featuring the participation of musicians who are among the ‘all stars’ in the country. The song is catchy and danceable. The video is nice to look at, recorded in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.


Alexandra and Daniel Santacruz – “Amor Entre Tres”

“Amor Entre Tres,” as most of us know, doesn’t work, unless it’s just a song performed by great ones like Alexandra and Daniel Santacruz. This song was penned by Juan Ortiz and Bienvenido Morillo, with the latter being the author of several of Monchy & Alexandra’s hits. The video was recorded in Miami and it may just teach you a couple of new dance steps.


Javyy L’Amour – “Te Quiero Hacer El Amor”

Born in Puerto Rico, of Dominican roots, Javyy L’amour presents this Bachata, of his own authorship. In the video, the artist is seen taking pictures of a friend as he goes out with a woman that is not his wife. The photographer’s efforts have ulterior motives, though, as he is in love with the wife of his unfaithful friend and is trying to get him out of the way.


Lirow and Los Pascual – “Tu Loco Amor”

Lirow is an interpreter of modern Bachata. “Los Pascual” are brothers Reylin and Oniver Pascual, sons of the well-known Dominican Merengue performer Agapito Pascual. 

Lirow and Los Pascual have released two versions of one same song – “Tu Loco Amor” – one as a Bachata and the other as a traditional merengue. You decide which version is best.


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