Andres Cepeda adds tropical sounds to his SALVAPANTALLAS

Colombia singer/songwriter Andres Cepeda wrote SALVAPANTALLAS (with Felipe Gonzalez “Nabalez” and German Duque “Mango”) first as an acoustic song (guitar and cajon). Later, with musical arrangements by Carlos Taboada “Cubanito,” he added percussion, trombones, and a tres for a tropical version with Salsa and Cuban Son elements.

The song talks about the importance of a person who becomes one’s supporter, who loves and is loved in return. It labels such a person as indispensable, more necessary than air or water.

Seguro que puedo sobrevivir, sin el azul del mar puedo sobrevivir. Estamos navegando solos contra el viento, pero una hora sin ti seria mi ultimo aliento. Que se lleven mi alma que igual no vale tanto, porque si no te tiene se pierde de su encanto. 

I can certainly survive without the blue of the ocean. We are navigating alone against the wind, but one hour without you will become my last breath. They can take my soul since it’s not even that valuable – without you it loses all charm.

Andres Cepeda is not a Salsa singer, but he likes incorporating tropical rhythms here and then. You may also want to check out his songs “Carpintero,” and “Me Voy.”



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