Salsa – Lirow presents ‘Mi Manera de Amarte’

I got to know Dominican singer Lirow mostly for his bachata songs, but mid-August he presented this Salsa single entitled “Mi Manera de Amarte” (My way to love you). Those of you who enjoy watching dancers do their thing will also like the video that accompanies it, which features Ronald and Alba (from Spain).

The lyrics talk about a girl who left a relationship that she now wants back, because she misses his “way to love” her. If you want to sing along, look under “Show More” under the video on YouTube.


“Mi Manera de Amarte” is available on all digital platforms. It has also been added to the playlist on Spotify, which you can access from the right margin, or at the bottom, of this page.

Pero me han dicho que tú todavía piensas en mi, que no puedes olvidarme. Pero me han dicho también, que hasta has pensado en volver, por que extrañas mi manera de amarte.

I have been told that you still think of me. That you can’t forget me. And I’ve also been told that you’ve thought of coming back, because you miss the way I love you.


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