Salsa – El Poeta del Barrio offers ‘Sin Brújula’

Colombian artist Harold Aguirre, better known as El Poeta del Barrio, presented his new song – Sin Brújula (Without Compass) – earlier this month. 

Well-known also as the vocalist for the band Clandeskina, in Cali, Colombia, El Poeta del Barrio finds pleasure in writing songs for others and, like in this case, for himself. “Sin Brújula” has a contagious rhythm that forces the body to move and that should be a hit on the dance floor.

The song is now available on all digital platforms and it has also been added to the playlist on Spotify, which you can enjoy from the right margin, or at the bottom, of this page. Its video includes the lyrics, in case you want to sing along.


No logro arrancarte del corazón. Te juro no existe la fórmula. Sin ti yo camino sin dirección. Me siento perdido sin brújula.

I can’t rip you from my heart. There’s no formula for it. Without you I walk without direction. I feel without a compass.


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