Bachata from Curacao – Ephrem J presents ‘Sin Excusas’

Ephrem J is a young bachata artist from Curacao that recently released his latest composition – “Sin Excusas” (No Excuses). The video was recorded in Curacao, featuring Venezuelan model Dhey Blooms. Ephrem J is working on a new album, and this song will be part of it.

Ephrem J (full name is Ephrem Jonathan Ocalia) has both Latin and Dutch family roots, and he is able to sing and speak multiple languages, including Spanish, English, Dutch, Papiamento, and Portuguese. He began to write lyrics when he was 12 years old, about the same time he began to dream of becoming a performer. His career seemed possible once he won first place in a singing competition in Curacao, after which he became a member of various bands, and eventually started a solo career in 2006. Bachata came into the mix in 2009.

Of his current plans, he says (originally in Spanish): “My plan is to have the world know my work, to be identified with it, and to have it realize that I’m an original artist, one hundred percent, not someone who copies or repeats what’s already known. Above all, I want everyone to know that there’s a new talent in the world.”


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