Let’s party with Columbus, OH

With this pandemic the world is smaller than ever, because now attending a Latin Festival in Columbus, OH, for example, is just a matter of turning on your favorite device. Chances are in a different year we (in Los Angeles) would not have heard of Viva Festival Latino! in OH. However, since COVID-19  forced it online, now we can all party along.

Viva Festival Latino! this year will be “a week-long online experience that will stand in for the popular, annual Festival Latino canceled for 2020.” It “will offer a series of online cultural events and activities,” including Latin music and dance. The event will be posted to the Festival Latino website and to the Festival Latino Facebook page.

Below are two events that you may enjoy:

Wednesday, Aug. 5

4 pm PST – Carlos “El Hiperactivo” Rubio, aka “The Salsa King of Ohio” will teach a salsa and bachata class.

Sunday, Aug. 9

4 pm PST – Funk Salsa Urban concert. This band fuses Salsa rhythms with Funk and Urban and lyrics in English, Spanish, and Spanglish 🙂 

There are many other activities planned during this event. Read all about it on Richlandsource.com

Photo: Funk Salsa Urban band / Credit: Andy Tavares

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