Colombian film LOS DIAS DE LA BALLENA out on VOD

There’s not much one can do out there these days, but there are plenty of movies to enjoy in the comfort of one’s own home (with warm popcorn and drinks for cheap, yeay!). Starting July 24, one such movie will be LOS DIAS DE LA BALLENA (DAYS OF THE WHALE), a debut feature by Colombian writer-director Catalina Arroyave.

Set in Medellín, Colombia, the film follows Cristina (Laura Tobón) and Simon (David Escallón), a pair of young graffiti artists who like to decorate the walls of their neighborhood. Simón comes from a working-class family and lives with his grandmother, while Cristina is a college kid from a more affluent family. They spend their afternoons at an art center that helps young people stay off the streets. Cristina’s mom is a journalist who moved to Spain after she was threatened by the city’s criminal street gangs. Cristina is expected to go with her, but her friendships at the art center, and her feelings for Simon, are keeping her in Medellin. Things become dangerous when Cristina and Simon decide to defy a street gang by painting a mural over a threatening tag near the center.

LOS DIAS DE LA BALLENA portrays the urban culture of Medellin and shows how art and young expression can be challenged by fear and violence. The film features the colors and sounds of Colombia, including Urban and Tropical music performed by Colombian artists. One of the songs in the soundtrack is “Rumba Cachao,” performed by the Medellin-based band Siguarajazz.

LOS DIAS DE LA BALLENA is 80-minutes long, in Spanish with English subtitles. It can be downloaded starting July 24 from Laemmle Theatres for $12 by following this link.


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