Yalil and Yamila Guerra present HAVANA NIGHTS

Residing in Los Angeles, many of us know the talented musician and composer Yalil Guerra, who has been nominated to the Latin Grammy eight times and won one in 2012. Likewise, we have heard his sister Yamila sing and perform in Yalil’s band. Now they have joined forces once more to release the album HAVANA NIGHTS, a collection of eight songs, four of which are Yalil’s originals.

Cha Cha Blues is one of those originals. The song opens the album and sets its tone with beginning notes that transport you to a jazzy cabaret, in Cuba for sure. 

While some of us have grown tired of listening to Celia Cruz’s La Vida Es Un Carnaval time and again, Yalil’s arrangement adds to it interesting electronic sounds that make it truly fresh.

HAVANA NIGHTS is now available in all digital platforms. The songs were also added to the VidaSalsera playlist on Spotify, which you can access from the right margin (or at the bottom) of this page.


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