New Merengue album – Fernando Villalona presents PRODUCTO DE MI TIEMPO

Dominican Fernando Villalona, aka El Mayimbe, has been particularly prolific this year, now presenting PRODUCTO DE MI TIEMPO, a six song Merengue album that was released on May 21, 2020. 

The album’s title is also the name of the first track, a song by Alexis Morillo that tells of the singer’s life experiences so far. This may be a good album for those who enjoy Christian music as several of its songs discuss faith and spirituality.

The album is now available on all digital platforms. Click here to download it from

The song list follows:

  1. Producto De Mi Tiempo (autor: Alexis Morillo, productor: Chris Hierro) 
  2. Cuantas Veces (autor: Felix Veloz, productor: Manuel Tejada) 
  3. Como No Creer En Dios (autores: Pedro Alberto Favini, Norberto Alfredo Gurvich, productor: Henry Jimenez) 
  4. Un Solo Latido (autor y productor: Chris Hierro) 
  5. Dos Banderas (autor: Antonio Mateo, productor: Patricio Bonilla) 
  6. A Bailar! (autor: Aramis Villalona, productor: Hendry Zarzuela)

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