Dominican Salsera EhShawnee’s latest single – ‘La Vida Es Muy Shula’

“La Vida Es Muy Shula” was released earlier this year as the latest single by Dominican Salsa performer EhShawnee. The song was written, arranged, and produced by the artist’s cousin, the talented Wilbert Taveras. The lyrics are motivational and the music is catchy.

Levántate, no te quedes acostado. Ven conmigo hacia el otro lado. Lo mejor está por llegar. No te quedes rezagado.

Get up, don’t remain laying down. Come with me to the other side. The best is still to come. Don’t stay behind.

(Full lyrics available in the video below.)

EhShawnee won the Premio Conga in 2019 as “Best New Artist.” Her first full album is currently in the works. You may hear EhShawnee also referred to as “La Muñeca de la Salsa.”

“La Vida Es Muy Shula” is available on all digital platforms. It has also been added to the playlist on Spotify, which you can access from the right margin of this page.


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