LACMA starts its LATIN SOUNDS: MEET THE MUSICIANS series with The Echo Park Project

Between the events that have been cancelled due to COVID-19 this summer is the Latin Sounds concert series that is held annually on LACMA’s grounds. This event has become a great opportunity for Salsa dancers to gather, dance, share a picnic, and enjoy wonderful music and each other’s company. Its cancellation has, doubtless, disappointed many.

However, LACMA found a way to keep relevant and interesting by introducing a podcast entitled LATIN SOUNDS: MEET THE MUSICIANS, in which Mitch Glickman holds conversations with the leaders of the bands that would have performed this year as part of the series. In the interviews, the musicians talk about their quarantine experiences and their musical craft between short sets of recorded songs.

The kick-off interview, with Carlo Lopez of The Echo Park Project, was posted on May 22 and you can listen to it below. 


Conversations are also planned with Christian Moraga of the group Conganas on May 29, with Jose Rizo of Mongorama on June 6, and with Katia Moraes on June 13.

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