Johnny Zamot and Sociedad 76 come back with PARA SIEMPRE

Sociedad 76 is led by Puerto Rican Salsero Johnny Zamot. With its start in the 70s, the band’s comeback album (released Feb. 2020) is PARA SIEMPRE, offering four new songs and four fresh arrangements. 

Si Ella Me Quiere is a new composition by Amaury Gutierrez. Con Amor y Sentimiento celebrates and thanks Colombia for its continued appreciation of Zamot’s music, while Cariño Malo should be a favorite of Peruvian Salseros as a creation by Augusto Polo Campos, a veteran of popular music in Peru. With nostalgia of years past are Tanta Injusticia, Amanecer, Cuchipandeo, and Cruel Invitation (in which you’ll fall in love again with Yomo Toro). The principal voice belongs to Freddy Concepcion, who has been an integral part of Sociedad 76 for years.

PARA SIEMPRE is available on all digital platforms, including YouTube. It has also been added to the VidaSalsera playlist on Spotify, which you can enjoy from the right margin of this page.


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