‘Resistiré República Dominicana’ intends to support the island’s musicians during the crisis

The Dominican version of the song “Resistiré” was released on May 8, 2020, with the purpose of helping hundreds of Dominican musicians and technicians whose income stopped along with concerts and gigs due to COVID-19. The song is based on the idea and production that Pablo Cebrián realized in Spain, for the same reason. 

Porfirio Piña, co-producer of the song, said that hundreds of musicians and sound people are finding themselves without support due to the crisis, especially those who were living off their weekly gigs. As independent workers, they have no current income, government support, or insurance. He explained that this song is more than the union of Dominican music stars; it’s about those who can help and those who should be helped, because the island’s music should not be allowed to fall apart.

The royalties of the reproduction and visualization that should come from placing “Resistiré” on YouTube, plus any direct donations, will be used to buy supermarket vouchers that will be distributed to musicians and technicians through the Fundacion Jompeame. Additionally, important companies like Cerveza President and Grupo SID have agreed to deliver basic food items and hygienic products. 

The following artists participated in the recording:

Alex Bueno, Alex Matos, Amarfis (La Banda de Atakke), Alexandra, André Veloz, Covi Quintana, Charytin Goico, Daniel SantaCruz, Eddy Herrera, Fefita La Grande, Héctor “El Torito” Acosta, Javier Grullon, Jandy Ventura, Johnny Ventura, José Alberto “El Canario”, Juliana, Julio Zabala, Kiko Rodríguez, Kinito Méndez, Krisspy, Manny Cruz, Maridalia Hernández, MerenGlass, Miriam Cruz, Milly Quezada, Natti Natasha, Nathalie Hazim, Nelson Zapata (Proyecto Uno), Pavel Núñez, Pochy Familia, Rafa Rosario, Ricci Oriach, Rubby Pérez, Sergio Vargas, Sexappeal, Techy Fatule, Tueska, Wason Brazoban, Wilfrido Vargas.

The music was performed by the following musicians: 

Jhonny de La Cruz “Chocolate”, Luis Mojica, Rafael Carrasco, Joel “Bongo”, Ramírez, Isidro Bobadilla “El Boba”, David Almengod, Chiquito Timbal, Guy Frómeta, Isaias Leclerc, Antonio González, Janina Rosado, Manuel Frías, Emil Pimentel, Alfio Lora, León Yamil, Martires de León, Luis Payan, Manuel Matos “Papo”, Yasser Tejada, Harold Andeliz, Rodhen Santos, Nayade Macea “NaJazz”, Sandy Gabriel, Patricio Bonilla, Rene Geraldino, Vicky María, Edel Ramos y Katia Rodríguez.

You can support by enjoying the music often and by forwarding it to others.


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