Very Be Careful at ‘Cumbia and Tequila Festival’ at Roxanne’s

Ricky G. of Very Be Careful


Last Sunday was my first time at Roxanne’s, in Long Beach, for its Cumbia and Tequila Festival, and it was plenty of fun. I’d been meaning to check out Very Be Careful, a vallenato/cumbia crossover band that had been recommended to me multiple times. This band’s music certainly stands on its own, and with its unique sound it kept the crowd moving.

What can possibly beat an afternoon of good music, tequila tastings, the beer of my country (Costa Rica’s Imperial), and a good cigar? Very little, friends… very little.

Roxanne’s seems to be a place where all sorts of parties happen. Keep an eye on its schedule here, and also keep an eye on Very Be Careful. And please enjoy the pictures below.