Things to do during COVID-19 – Listen to Salsa all day long from DJs everywhere in the #COBEATPARTY


Creativity is booming while creators find themselves stuck at home during this COVID-19 crisis. And that, weirdly enough, has brought about some really cool stuff. One of them is the opportunity to listen to Salsa music all day long selected by DJs from all over the world.

The group COBEATPARTY on Facebook has developed a schedule of DJs who perform live for one hour each from 7 am to midnight. While there are several posts on the page, all you need to look for is the “live” post. (You’ll have to do this at the start of every hour.)

This is the schedule for today, Tuesday, March 24 – (I’ll update the schedule daily from here on when available).


Try it out. It’s been working great. So far today I’ve heard sets from DJ Matt, from Ireland, and from DJ Cyrine from Paris. Outstanding job by the organizers. Props to all!