Salsa Saturdays at The Mayfair Hotel with Angelo Pagan y Son Candela

Note: Salsa Saturdays at The Mayfair was discontinued as of April, 2019.



Live music by: Angelo Pagan y Son Candela

Recorded music by: Michael Peña

Location: The Mayfair Hotel – 1256 W 7th St, Los Angeles, CA 90017

No cover

Parking: valet

Drinks: average $8 – $10


My prism: These are photos of my visit on 3.9.19. I went with a hot date, by Uber. I explain this so that you take my opinions with a grain of salt. Obviously your experience could be different than mine.


Angelo Pagan and James Zavaleta sing / Oskar Cartaya on bass / (currently searching for the trumpet player’s name)


What you can expect:

  • This is a handsome historical building. Salsa happens on its main lobby. The floor is super slippery tile.
  • The band is made up of fantastic musicians and plays a majority of Salsa, sprinkled with cha-cha. The sound system is good.
  • In between sets, the DJ will play a mix of genres, including Urban.
  • Clean bathrooms.
  • Limited seating area near the band. Plenty of seating further out.


My recommendations:

  • Definitely go. This is one of the nicest places L.A. has had for Salsa. However, read below and plan accordingly.
  • Take your dance shoes, but maybe also take shoes with more traction. Personally, I think a pair of sneakers would be perfect on this floor. A couple of times I found myself hanging on for dear life while dancing.
  • If you want good seating near the band, show up early. The couch immediately next to the floor looks promising at 9:30 pm, but turns into hell by 11 pm, when the floor is packed with dancers twirling right next to your toes.
  • After 11 pm, you’ll find no seating near the band, but there’s lots of space behind the bar. The sound in this back area is great during DJ sets, but not as good during band sets. Still, it is a great space to rest.
  • Even better is the room upstairs. The sound is good here, the couches are gorgeous, and there’s enough floor space for dancing.


The upstairs seating area

  • There’s a bathroom downstairs, but there’s a larger one upstairs. Either people don’t know or they don’t feel like going up, but if you want less wait and less mess, hike up the stairs.
  • Unfortunately, there’s a handful of dancers that will put on a show at the expense of everyone’s toes and comfort. It’s a minority, but I got stepped on once and also showered with whiskey. David got hit three times. Select your space wisely, as show off dancers are not the kind that cares.


Enjoy the following videos. In the first one you’ll see Poncho Sanchez (surprise guest) as he joined the band for a song. The second one was posted to’s social page on Facebook.


. gives this Saturday Salsa a thumbs up.