Salsa in the news – January 2018

A Weekend in Cali, Colombia’s Salsa Capital

At this club in the San Juan Bosco neighborhood, professionals mix with beginners, older dancers don’t shy from the young, and, like most Cali venues, it’s a blend of Colombia’s many cultures merging in six-count harmony. The first thing that catches your eye is a Last Supper painting of Cali’s music …

Local dance groups help people shake up their routines

It should be about the movement and culture of the dance, not music and costumes.” His lessons, which always accompany salsa nights an hour prior to the party, include a dash of such history, elaborating on the combination of jazz with Latin dance that created salsa, and basic movements to get the …

Latin fever in Airlie

Salsa is so much fun, it can be something to be passionate about or just have a bit of a fun and socialise. “When I started I loved the fact I could go out every weekend and get dressed up – meet so many people from different walks of life. “When dance you enjoy the music but exercise your ‘brain as well’.

Dancing, moving, grooving to the music

Jojo Alfonso: The Spaniards colonized the Philippines so for Filipinos, dance, music and arts are already in our blood. We are very much influenced by the Spanish culture. We consider art as a highly prized career and lifestyle. All forms of dances, including ballroom, are celebrated and practiced.

These dance styles are all the rage at local halls

The 10 couples spun and stepped in rhythm as the salsa music poured out of speakers at Newberry Music Hall in downtown Saratoga Springs. “Five, six, seven, cross body lead,” called out Felix Ortiz, as the couples switched direction. This was the intermediate salsa class held at the club every Friday …