Salsa in the news – December 2017

The Rhythm of Colombia’s Salsa Capital

Not long after, dance clubs called salsatecas sprang up in Cali, especially in the working-class neighborhood of the Barrio Obrero. Colombian musicians began forming salsa bands to make their own contributions to the growing scene. Mr. Caicedo cited Grupo Niche, Orquesta Guayacán, Orquesta La …

Cuban “Salsa” in Europe

A consequence of Europe’s insatiable appetite for salsa is that Cuba’s top timba bands regularly tour the continent to impart their fantastic music on ever-increasing, adulating crowds. Thanks to the popularity of Cuban dance music in Europe, Cuban musicians and dancers get to see Big Ben, the Eiffel …

5 things you probably didn’t know you could do in Lagos

What’s life without some Latin music and dance? … Join the Salsa Nigeria club on Friday night at Victoria Island for a night of fitness dancing, social dancing, choreography sessions, line dances and more. … Drag your friends and go for dance classes or go sashay your stuff on the dance floor.

Thousands of Colombians salsa danced on Christmas day

Thousands of Colombians salsa danced on Christmas day. Cali, Colombia, self-styled World Salsa Capital, held a huge salsa dancing parade for Christmas day. by Alessandro Rampietti. 27 Dec 2017 15:30 GMT. Salsa is Latin America’s most famous music, and Colombia’s third-largest city, Cali, has …