Los Angeles Salsa Congress 2015 – Day 3 – Tito Rodriguez Jr.

Congress 2015 - day 3 - Tito Rodriguez Jr 053

Of the three nights of Congress, Sunday night, with the Tito Rodriguez Jr. Orchestra, was my favorite. Not because it was the busiest night, that would have been Saturday, but because the music was off the hook! The band was amazing and the music selections perfect… at least for my ears and my feet.

Congress 2015 - day 3 - Tito Rodriguez Jr 025

Kartvelian Warriors Dance

This was also the only night that I arrived early for the dance shows, which were quite impressive. The showcase opened with what must have been one hundred kids flooding the audience, led by Edwin Rivera, a moment that culminated on stage where even some youngsters in wheelchairs joined the fun. It was very touching from start to end.

The Kartvelian Warriors Dance team, from Eastern Europe, were not Salsa, but I’m glad they were on the roster because they were AWESOME. And not far behind were Cuban Movement from Canada, Manuel Dos Santos and Flavie from Canada/Africa, a girl duo from Japan (I think it was something like She-Bop?), who gave super fun performances. How can I forget Eddie Torres and Eddie Torres Jr.!

Best Sunday night to close the best weekend of the year. This is a link to the pictures out of my camera for Sunday night.

Good job Albert Torres! You keep on doing this. We’ve got your back!