Los Angeles Salsa Congress 2015 – Day 1 – Roberto Roena y Apollo Sound

Roberto Roena Congress 2015 021

The official first day of the Los Angeles Salsa Congress 2015 featured, from Puerto Rico, Roberto Roena y su Apollo Sound. The concert portion of the evening started with a 1974 video of Roberto Roena playing the bongo and dancing, sporting a big afro that he no longer wears, and with dancer Edwin Rivera on stage replicating the scene. Minutes later Roena walked on stage to join him.

Roberto Roena Congress 2015 015

The band then took over and the show continued for about an hour and a half with lots of dancers twirling on the multiple dance floors.

Roberto Roena Congress 2015 045

I enjoyed myself. Still, I have two questions. See if anyone out there can answer them for me:

1. The tables have a menu – three appetizers, a list of drinks. Purchasing a bottle of wine sounds like a good deal. $30-something for what should be 4 or 5 drinks is fair enough. However, how does one order one? I saw not one server in the entire place, ever. Anybody know???


2. Why did the lights of the dance hall keep on going on after 1:15 a.m.? Are they pre-scheduled to do that? Every time the lights went on I felt like I had been caught by my mom doing something I wasn’t supposed to do. It totally took me out of my mojo…

Anyhow. Here are the rest of the pictures out of my camera, as well as a couple of videos.

Tonight is part two with the New Swing Sextet featuring Ray de la Paz. See you there!