Los Angeles musicians and dancers celebrate in memory of Mimi Hernandez

Update April 28, 2019 – Cal Sakaniwa spent a lot of time going through his hundreds of pictures remembering Mimi. He created three very touching videos that I’m adding below. I’m sure her friends will love them. There’s also a snippet of Mimi dancing with Officer Booker at LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes.


R.I.P. Mimi Hernandez


Mimi Hernandez was a salsera that a group of dancers in Los Angeles got to know well. After a period of illness, she passed away last month. Her friends held a festive event at The Granada, with live music by the Echo Park Project (boosted by several other L.A. musicians), and a Hawaiian theme; the way they thought Mimi would have wanted it.

Cal Sakaniwa was part of the event, and

this is a link to 207 photos out of his camera.

There are also several videos below.

R.I.P. Mimi Hernandez. May your memory dance on.


A festive Hawaiian celebration in memory of Mimi Hernandez / Cal Sakaniwa photo